Bread Crumbs Panko Production Line

Product Details:

  • Production Capacity:300kg/Hr
  • Type:Bread Crumb Machine Line
  •  Condition:New
  •   Machine Output Capacity:150-600kg/H
  • Bread Crumbs Color:Various White and Fried
  • Power(W):40-90kw


Product Description

 Automatic High Yield Bread Crumb making machinery/Equipment/Processing Line
1.Production Description
Bread crumb processing line is mainly used for fried  beefsteak and drumstick as frying dressing .The long and sliver-shaped breadcrumbs are of porous structure inside .After frying ,the crumbs become straight up bit by bit.They are not only puffed and nice in appearance but also crisp and delicate in taste.
 Bread crumb processing line is specially designed and developed according to market demand .The whole line can be finished from the raw material ,extrusion ,drying to finished products automatically.
 It can be classified into three types with different output :150kg/h.250kg/h 500kg/h
2. Flow chart of bread crumbs processing progress:
 Raw material—mixing—extruding—shaping—crushing—conveying—drying—air conveying—siftting—packing
3. Equipments of bread crumbs making machinery:
Mixer—Screw conveyor—twin-screw extruder—multi-function shaper—elevator—crusher—Air conveyor—seven-layer oven—container—vacuum conveyor—sifter
4.Technical Parameters of bread crumbs making machinery


If you want to get more detailed information of our  Bread crumbs coating machines,please send inquiry to me.Any feedback will be highly appreciated and replied

Extruder Details
Twin screw extruder adopts the extrusion technology. 
After the cereals is extruded, the products will become bigger, puffy texture, crisp taste, starch  form, increasing the water dissolve, easy to absorb by human, thus, it is popular in the world.
Twin screw extruder has the following part: 
feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, lubricating system, driving system, control system 
Packaging shipping
We will pack the machine in plastic bags,then packed in wooden case,so that it suitable for long time shippment on sea for the following machine: baby food,bread crumbs,corn flakes,puff snacks,rice crackers,corn bugles,torilla chips etc.